Disaster Management

Disaster management means that all such measures should be taken so that hazards can not take the form of disaster. Since we can not prevent the coming of many natural hazards but can reduce their harmful effects by proper management in order to minimize the loss of life and asset. Disasters are the consequences of natural or human hazards. In fact, the current danger is not as much from the natural disasters as we have from man-made disasters. for example – Urban flood due to unsustainable urbanization, Drought due to poor water management, rapid infrastructural development and overpopulation settlement in ecologically sensitive areas like the Himalaya region lead to the problem of earthquake and landslides.

Cold Wave Advisory Videos
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Important Guidelines/Reports/GOs
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1 DDMA Team Members Download File
2 Disaster Management ACT 2005 Download File
3 District Disaster Management Plans Download File
4 District Incident Response Team Download File
5 Rapid Response Team For Disaster Download File
6 Earthquake Plan For DAM Download File
7 Cold Wave Advisory File Download File